How it began

The statue of Põltsamaa Museum Association was signed on the 9th of March 1928. At that time, Karl Vervolt and August Kisla lead the process ad the museum. In the beginning, the exhibits were gathered in Vervolt’s home at Nurme street, house no 18 nowadays.

Soon, museum got two of the most fanciest halls into its hands. The same halls that you can see from old postcars: marble and roccoco hall. They also managed to repair the castle thanks to the money gathered from the ticket sale and Ministry of Education. Where is this glory now? In 1941 the castle was under fire and only an old herding trumpet  was left. The trumpet was borrowed to the local firemen and was not returned back in time. So the trumpet was not in the museum in 1941 and that is why we can still see it in nowadays museum. It found its way back to the re-established museum in 1997, when Aleksei Katmaa brought it as a gift. So the herding trumpet should be about 170 years old.

The people in young Estonian Republic wanted to know and spread their history, the same way it was during Estonian awakening time. Likewise, peole decided during the 1980s, that our stories cannot be faded away. The Soviet time had been long – also a ong time without a local museum. During the new awakening time, it took about then years before founding the museum again. It was done by consistent and all-around dedication that included preparation works and pressurising.

The effort by the Heritage Protection Assosication was carreied on by local History Association. At first, Heino Joost started a museum room at his own home in Võhma village. Helle Kull gathered all the historical information she could get. Also, the library and members of local hobby school groups took ot very seriously to pass information from older generations to younger ones. They organized the collection of old things and exhibits, also exhibitions, hikes and excursions, published historical brochures.

Although there were people who tought that there is no need for a museum – that the exhibits should be sent to bigger museums in Tartu and Tallinn – it was still founded. In the summer of 1997 museum setteled at Põltsamaa castle yard in a storage buliding. Thanks to Tiiu Pihlakas, Heino Joost, Eha Tralla, Aime Martinsoo, Tiiu Truumees and Jüri Pärna the museum was started again and works til nowadays in the same building.